"Classical" Greece

By: Ghia Smith

This wiki page is about classical greece but not the time period. it explains the real "classical", adventurous events and sub-topics in Greece.

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When you think of a classical, or more stereotypical Greece, what comes to your mind ? Greek Gods ? Palaces ? Muscular men draped in togas wearing gladiator sandals and a thorn crown ?

Mythology and Religion
The Mythological hero Hercules

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Greek Mythologywas something that has inspired western traditions such as astronomy, painting, sculptures, literature and much more. Its a belief of the supernatural, of superior beings that gave them blessings and favors later in life. Usually these gods or goddesses are represented in human form but they are immortal, meaning living forever. They believed that the gods and goddesses lived upon the highest mountain peak, Mount Olympus. Mythology plays a big role in our entertainment today. Take for instance all of the heros you watch in your favorite movies such as Indiana Jones. Comic books also relate to greek gods, they are very powerful, people look up to them for protection, and they have supernatural abilities. Hancock even plagiarizes the the greek gods. The most famous myth created by the famous greek poet homer was odysseus. It tells the story of this myth in this video clip. The most important gods are,

" Zeus -the supreme lord and sky father
Hera –his wife -the marriage and fertility goddess
Demeter -the earth mother
Hestia -the virgin goddess of the hearth
Hephaestus -the God of fire and the forge
Hermes -the God of travelers
Hades -the lord of the dead and underworld
Poseidon -the lord of waters
Aphrodite -the Goddess of love
Ares -the God of war
Athena -the virgin goddess of wisdom
Apollo -God of light, poetry and music
Artemis –his sister -Goddess of wildlife and later Goddess of moon"

Now onto Religion, they were polytheistic and since the cultures of the early civilization were a big mixture of beliefs, ethnicities, and cultures there were different gods for each one
This represents their worship to the gods
which created "various forms of greek worship". There religion was based upon the mythology. They were to sacrifice something and in return the gods would give them something. Public worships were performed when they wanted to recieve a public blessing such as rain or crops for harvest.


This video below tells how scupting affected our world today and how and why it originated !

This was a time were sculpting really excelled. Some of their sculptures are some of the best art work in the world still to this day. They were very free willed with their art work, they were just a free spirited era. They were not ashamed to show it all. Looking at the sculptures you can kinda tell. Their architecture also played a role in influencing the romans as well as their art. You can find alot of different sites and books on greek artwork and architecture. This Awesome site tells a little about Greek architecture and even some more interesting facts about the Greek civilization.

Alexander The Great

This is a map of Alexanders corse of Battles

Alexander The Great was the heir to his father king Philip II, who was assasinated.Philip put lots of mainland under macedonian rule. Alexander The Great was indeed the Greatest king to ever rule in the ancient western civilization. He was taught by one of the greatest greek philosophers, Aristotle. He was also a great warrior. "Alexander is one of the most famous figures of antiquity, and is remembered for his tactical ability, his conquests, and for spreading Greek civilization into the East" Stated wikipedia. When Alexander was left to lead this country he was also left a very experienced and strong army. His death also came early while he was planning to overthrough another city-state. He is remembered because of the way he Spread the Greek civilization east. To learn more about it got to the link below.


if you go here you can translate whole paragraphs from english to greek http://babelfish.yahoo.com/

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